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About Opera Randers

Our mission is to create the framework for socializing and community - also for you and your colleagues, teammates and association members.

The opera is your extended living room and free space in the city. You are therefore always welcome to hang out in our café and enjoy our drinks and snacks as well as read our newspapers. We have a disabled toilet for people with walking difficulties and a changing table for "the children".

It costs DKK 350 for an annual ticket to the Opera. It gives you access to all the games in our game collection and allows you to have one companion with each time. In addition, an annual card gives you 10% on all games that we sell in the store and on our webshop.

A day ticket costs DKK 25 if you want to play our Pay-to-Play game. Your contribution helps us to maintain and continuously replace our games. Many of our games are played several times a day six days a week, so they wear out very quickly.

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Opening hours

You:             9-12 (maternity café)


Tues - Thurs:       12-22
             11-24 (-02)
             11-24 (-02)

Contact us!

Vester Kirkestræde 12, st., 8900 Randers C

2869 9997 & 2395 7273

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